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Recruitment of Foreigners in Poland

Recruitment of people from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus is becoming more common day by day, because of the lack of opportunity to find a proper employee in the area of European Unon. Nowadays it is hard for a good, mobilized worker, that is why many enterpreneurs are already making use of services such as leasing employees from Moldova, Belarus or Ukraine. Those you have decided to cooperate with us know how it helps with the improvement of the bussiness, through betterment of quality and efficiency of work. As a company we take care of our client and we offer help, not only during the process of recruitment, but we also offer a constant custody *** until the end of the cooperation.

A worker hired by our company is always mobilized and ready to work. He possesses full documentation, legal papers, medical check-ups, medical record books for sanitary and epidemiological purposes, we assure an OHP training, work clothing after an earlier established demands and an accomodation in the area of workplace.

Many found out that cooperation with us means success, that is why you should not wait, contact us or applicate!